Lol, antivaxxers

Lol, antivaxxers

Sometimes I feel bad arguing with antivaxxers because it's not exactly a fair fight. I don't have to put much energy into it because I let the evidence draw its own conclusions. You really have to admire the hard work it takes to stick to a conclusion first only to find it's not quite right and you've got to get the data to fit no matter what.

If it weren't for the fact their harassment of parents of deceased children, recruitment of overwhelmed parents of autistic children (which is not to say anything negatively of being autistic but that's another article), and basically jeopardizing all of our health by spreading deadly diseases, I might lay off.

My claim to nonfame includes a lot of joking around and satire, but at the end of the day, data like this is no laughing matter to me. I may be having fun from time to time, but I use my precious time on this because I am deeply concerned with the loss of human life and public health in general. Destroying these arguments publicly is a worthwhile use of my time, even if I can get just one vulnerable parent to steer clear.

(Copyright Huffington Post as in not in the PD) Antivaxxers are successful meaning Measles is making a deadly comeback.

That being said, it's just too easy sometimes. So enjoy my collection of conversations with the essential oils of the earth.

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The Dunning-Kruger effect is not a disease. It's basically the psychological phenomenon where the least qualified on a subject paradoxically have the most confidence.

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They just fall on the sword sometimes.


To be clear, Kermit here is making fun of the post, not supporting it.


Walked right into it.

This next one is not so much funny as very concerning. You are seeing here an antivaxxer mother saying the effects of Measles is overblown, before blocking me.

Measles can wipe out your immune system's memory, so to speak, leaving you vulnerable to other diseases to which you were previously immune.

(Fist in the air) Memes contain FACTS!

This one is in response to a news clipping of a child who died after his parents joined an antivaxx Facebook group, telling them not to give the child vaccines or tamiflu.

Talking Points

Here are a few of my favorite studies to pass around ;)

Vaccines have a 100% mortality rate. You got me.

Gotta show them the studies.

See? Nonsense designed to look like a scientific article. Anyone can do it.

Adam Grant

Adam Grant